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Bored, that's what I am, bored! The idea of sitting here writing this bores me, being wasted and drained after being out last night bores me. Cynical hack time. In fact I'm awaiting the Vitalic album like christians await judgement day.

I'm making this something it can't ever be, am I? We'll see. Vitalic makes me feel old. I can't help but think that this is it, this is the dance music that indoctrinates an entire new generation of Ronan's into dance music. For once I feel on the inside looking out at a crowd who don't even know they're the crowd yet.

Mr Vitalic has managed to pull off quite a stunt, he has trademarked those descending metallic chimes, but the whole sound has that metal feel to it. Metallic in the realest sense of the word, where the chords are crashing into each other, they just demand attention, the way the whole moroderism drops a note and surges through your ribcage like nothing since that exact effect in Don't You Want Me by Felix.

Why wait, why delay? Vitalic has no time, no time for you to "get into the groove", no time to "build it", no time for UN weapons inspectors, no time to talk to strangers, no time to waste wondering about when this ridiculous "crisis" in dance music will end. You either take it or leave it. This is not the shaky humour proposal of all those shit tv shows (all of them) where you can see the scriptwriter begging you to make that leap into his little fucking world and get down on his humour dancefloor. Vitalic is an order, do this right now or fuck off.

It's as much in the drum beats themselves as anything else, those drums which suck like a vacuum and and rush like when a car zips by you.

Finally some justification for the form of priesthood that is writing and bothering with music. Of course I always have justification, I know that I, ME, I like what I'm talking about. But this time other people will. I'm tying my fortunes to a belgian techno resurrectionist, if this goes global I'll be married and employed and driving a gold car.

AND IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW, yes I am totally fucking WASTED.

Best of 2002-Singles!
What a year! Can you tell I have a house biase? I'm not assed putting the labels there cos I was out all weekend. Albums list still to come. Mail me and lavish praise or even more likely ask me HOW THE FUCK DID YOU FORGET THAT ONE!!!!!!! I remembered something I forgot last night as I fell asleep but I've forgotten it again.

1. Cosmos-Take Me With You

2. X-Press 2 featuring David Byrne-Lazy

3. Felix Da Housecat-Silver Screen Shower Scene (Les Rhythmes Digitales Thin White Duke Remix)

4. Archigram-Carnival

5. Bangalter and Falcon-So Much Love To Give

6. Space Cowboy-Just Put Your Hand In Mine

7. Underworld-Two Months Off

8. Audio Bullys-Miagi

9. Josh One-Contemplation (King Britte Funk Remix)

10. Layo and Bushwacka-Love Story (Tim Deluxe Remix)

11. Tok Tok Vs Soffy O-Missy Queen's Gonna Die (Martini Brothers Remix)

12. Agent Sumo-Why (Sumo Bass Mix)

13. Underground Resistance-Transition

14. Ils-Next Level

15. LCD Soundsystem-Losing My Edge

16. Phil Kieran-My House Is Your House

17. DJ Gregory-Tropical Soundclash

18. Tomaz Vs Filterheadz-Sunshine

19. Metro Area-Caught Up

20. Cassis-Sound of Violence (Audio Bullys Remix)

21. FC Kahuna-Machine Says Yes

22. Derrick Carter-Where U At?

23. Who Da Funk-Shiny Disco Balls

24. Galleon-So I Begin

25. Fischerspooner-Emerge

26. Chemical Brothers-Star Guitar

27. Medicine 8-Capital Rocka

28. Minimal Funk-Definition of House

29. Harry Choo Choo Romero-Keep Your Head Up

30. Richard F-Down and Dirty

31. Who Da Funk-Sting Me Red

32. The Streets-Weak Become Heroes-Ashley Beedle Remix

33. The Rapture-House of the Jealous Lovers

34. Tiga and Zyntherius-Sunglasses at Night

35. Shakedown-At Night

36. Tim Deluxe-It Just Won’t Do.

37. Slam-Visions (Vitalic Remix)

38. Colorsound-Fly With Me

39. Daniel Diamond-Champu

40. Justin Timberlake-Like I Love You (Basement Jaxx Remix)

More stuff.......
If there's anyone reading this blog who hasn't linked me then please do. I lost all my links in the great whitening design decision I took last night. I've been reading loads of ILXers blogs lately and enjoying them.

I seem to be quite productive lately, don't I? It's nice.

Green Velvet-Stranj
La La Land was meant to be an anti-drugs record, but I guess it doesn't matter what fucking words Velvet surrounded the phrase "something bout those little pills" with, people were going to scream the chorus while off their tits, everywhere.

Stranj is an evil record, it's jerky industrial electro, with Velvet's trademark wailing vocals adding to the sense of eerieness. Eerieness in techno is hardly groundbreaking but it's usually some ridiculous snares and a robotic voice screaming "fuck that ass" or "suck my cock" over and over. The fact that Green Velvet has such a knack for poking fun at the cliche, such a dark sense of humour, and such a unique delivery style raises him above this kind of humorless shit.

"As I walk down the same old street, it seems different than before, and I see Elaine sitting on her apartment and she says to me I KNEW YOU WOULDN'T AMOUNT TO SHIIIIIIIIIT, it's so strange, how my life has changed, it's so strange, how my life has changed, things aren't the same"

There's a real sense of transience here, that the record itself is causing some massive insecurity to both Velvet himself and the listener, that the psycho-para beats and vocals are actually changing things as you hear them.

And then it goes really Hollywood, like an episode of the Twilight Zone at it's grotesque climax, when the main character stares himself down and claws at his own face. "When I get home I walk into the bathroom, and look into the mirror, I'm startled by what I see, a reflection that's not me, it's so strange, how my life has changed, it's so strange, how my life has changed, it's so strange"

The lyrics are half baked cliches even, a mix of psychobabble and generation x angst, a series of "my life didn't turn out how I wanted" laments. Lines for people with broken dreams and no responsibility. So it's no surprise when Velvet does drop the drop the real bombshell. "I've been a rebel for so long, on my quest for absolute truth, doing everything, doing nothing, doing anything, to feel something. For the first time I've started to realise, I need to come down from this HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH! And be the person my family wants me to be, a model citizen of society"

And the last three lines just stick uneasily in the throat, Velvet's tone just further highlighting the fact that being "the person my family wants me to be" is a threatening eerie thing in itself. The conflict between conformity and rebellion seems to just result in a mental anarchy. And as if to hammer that point home there's that echo of peer pressure from the first verse repeating as the song fades away, "I KNEW YOU WOULDN'T AMOUNT TO SHIT, I KNEW YOU WOULDN'T AMOUNT TO SHIT, I KNEW YOU WOULDN'T AMOUNT TO SHIIIIIIIT!"

I'm going to hate that post tomorrow but the world needs to know.

I've Got So Much Love To Give.
Bangalter and Falcon-So Much Love To Give

I started a thread on good old ILM a few weeks ago about great songs with very unoriginal titles, I guess the point I was making is that the better the song the more important the trite or cliched becomes.

And I had this song in mind, even before I'd heard it I was throwing the phrase "So Much Love To Give" around in my mind. I guess it's a process which began after my Underworld piece went up on FT and also after I bought Take Me With You by Cosmos.

I'm tired of hating. I'm tired of reading and writing stupid fucking one liners about how band x aren't good dude, they're actually LAUGHABLY BAD or whatever other stupid snarky remark whoever it is uses. There's no point in any of this. There's no point whatsoever. I guess for a time in my life I was very keen on slating things, and in many ways I probably enjoy it, but this doesn't make it right. Feel free to let this come back and bite me in the ass when I say I fucking hate Avril Lavigne or something because I want you to do this.

I am tired of negativity and criticism which achieves nothing, I've liked the same genre of music for six months now, I've loved it really. I live a pretty good life, free from any kind of major tragedy. I'm young and middle class. I can't think of any reason why I haven't got so much love to give aside from the fact that saying that makes me sound like a fucking hippy. But fuck you all! Within a week of me starting to think about the notion of "So Much Love To Give", I found someone to love. I actually heard So Much Love To Give for the first time that night, I reckon I was singing along for 5 of the 10 minutes before realising what it was The fact that this relationship may not work out is irrelevent to me. It couldn't have come at a better time.

There will be no more half minutes of negative thought, the only things I'll worry are those which are not to do with me personally, like dumb essays for college and exams. I'm sitting here right now listening to that what might be a crazed self help mantra french house song to some people, ten glorious minutes of the same chorus "I've got so much love to give, I've got so much love to give". The same two warm chords in the background, the same muffled drum over and over and over.

I've got so much love to give and I can do what I want.

Richard F
Richard F-Down and Dirty

It's time to coin a new award, "Best Record to Sound like the Chemical Brothers". And the winner is certainly Richard F. Although FC Kahuna and co have made fucked and skewed Chemical's influenced records which I love, they've been too much about paying homage and respect to Tom and Ed's sound. Down and Dirty reminds you of the Chemical Brothers the hard way, by making you remember just how fucking incredible and arresting a great Chemical's single can be. The intro to this track is an epiphany of feedback and deep filthy guitars, it's one of dance music's most "what the fuck" moments in ages. Sadly not quite as good a "what the fuck" as hearing Vitalic for the first time but it's close.

Of course, dancing to this record is pretty difficult, it's got no kind of sensible tempo to it, and the weirdo screaming "down" and "dirty" at the end of each rapid fire guitar riff doesn't help matters either. The sweet vocal is the only thing which reminds you that Richard F is from Erick Move it Move it Morillo's Subliminal Records label. It must be noted that this song also has a breakdown which might serve as a lesson to the likes of Josh Wink that special fx masturbation, indeed any masturbation, is more fun if kept under some kind of control.

Funky ass shaking house is wonderful but sometimes it's important for house music to have something which is truly rebellious, and might actually make a few mashed casual clubbers sit down and think about what the fuck they're listening to and why they can't dance to it. Records like this aren't made for dancing, they're made to split the club into a gang of jumping nutters for a few minutes, don't worry folks it's all peace, love and unity once he mixes in something else.

Check this out
So this is probably the best thing I've ever done, I'm pretty pleased, check it out by clicking "check it out" above. Also see the way I've updated the songs on the side of this page.

A word about Shiny Disco Balls perhaps, it's a pretty strange track, as per bloody usual I'm not so keen on the vocals but hot is the only word for the rest of it, the whole track isn't like something a DJ plays, it's more like he fires it out. It reminds me of French Kiss, that old classic. It's the drums that bring this to mind, almost like a "real" band, dragging the intro into the rest of the track.

Jacques Lu Cont's remix of Silver Screen Shower Scene is possibly single of the year, a total remix, nothing of the original is left, and with mind blowing strings (so often a waste of everyones time)

Man got no Soul
Right now choices which seemed so easy about 3 months ago now are becoming more complicated. Taking a significant amount of drugs every weekend is fun, there's no doubt in my mind about that. But just as the constant scare stories about ecstacy are completely oblivious to the good things about the drug, they're hitting the wrong nails on the head in terms of their criticism.

Ecstacy is not going to kill you, it's about as worrying as penicillin in that respect. But the things ecstacy does do to you are more insidious, far too subtle for hysterical idiots with a soapbox and a leaflet or two.

E is an all consuming drug, at least for regular users. Need a girlfriend? A job? Some hobbies? I don't I guess, there was a time when the lack of such things might have been irritating, even depressing, but after a while your life revolves around wasting away the time until your next night out. Of course this is an easy way to live, for a while, sure waiting for Saturday becomes ten times more difficult, but then Saturday becomes ten times more fun. In short, the week of a regular E user is like a massive swing from total boredom to absolute chaotic fun.

But the chaotic fun can lose it's sheen too. There comes a point where you begin to assess the situation you're in on at 5 on a Sunday morning. And it's pretty bleak, sitting in a house with a bunch of people you don't know with techno music as wallpaper while people either nod their heads in a not dissimilar way to Christie Brown or take more drugs. I've had lots of fun nights out at these post club parties, but when they're bad, they're horrible. The worse the night becomes, the more drugs everyone takes, by the end of the evening you're drug addled and stuck in a room with people you don't know. You've been pretty much raped of all personality and dignity because you're so utterly off your tits on E. It's instantly clear that despite last night's festivities or fleeting fun moments, you don't give a fuck who anyone in this room is, and they don't give a fuck about you. At least not until next week. There's no getting to know you process involved, you might be paranoid, or they might actually be out to get you, either way it's not much fun. All these things have taken so long to hit me, I won't give up drug taking, not by any means, nor would I ever condemn it, but since the real dangers emerge more clearly to me, I feel the need to discuss them. This isn't comedown, it's just a realisation of the truth. Ecstacy has the potential to tear your soul from your body, albeit by turning you into a smiling beacon of goofy happiness for a few hours. There's nothing wrong with losing control, in fact I consider it a necessary part of a night out, to some extent. However, ecstacy is different, and I find this aspect of taking it more scary or terrifying than any of the bullshit lies I've ever read.

Monday is all about the Stooges
Decadence and sleaze is a luxury only rock stars can pretend to write songs about. I now work in a deli, and the fucking clammy wet ham and gloopy disgusting mayo that I slop around from 7-3 almost daily has more potency as an image of freakish sexuality and total wretchedness than anything Iggy Pop ever wrote. I may never feel sticky deep inside in a sexual sense but I now know only the sensation only too well based on my new job.

College would be a fine thing.

I guess 19 is probably a little late to acknowledge that a "real job", ie one you fucking hate, is about the most energy sapping thing there is. My days off are just a blip in the middle of my working week. Yes I'm lazy, but then all I ever want to do is write about music. Someone said my attitude to days off work ressembles a child on Christmas day moaning about his presents saying "I'll just smash them off the skulls of my siblings tomorrow".

I guess this is accurate except change it to "I'll just get them smashed over my head by my siblings tomorrow". Gram Parsons may have been talking about Statoil when he sang "and when I hear your name I want to die". Ah, melodrama, is there a better way to live?

So the creative cells are wasted right now, and get ready for more crankiness in my writing a la June. I'm told by some this is my forte, I don't really know, but we'll see won't we.

A ray of light among all this madness was my brother's wedding this weekend, if you can imagine a wedding with good music then you deserve credit. But our DJ friend managed to come up with the goods and I have to say dancing to the likes of Billie Jean, The Satisfaction Skank, Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head, at a wedding is the musical equivalent of eating cake and smoking spliffs at the gas chambers in terms of shock value.

And so my mind wanders to thoughts of my own marriage. It's odd that I'm spending more time thinking what song I'll play for the first/last dance than who I'll marry. But I guess the main reason is that I have CDs and not women all over my bedroom.

Attention Readers

Today I went recruiting for my new project, Sorted Magazine. I recieved about 10 replies to my post on Ireland's dance mailing list, but the fact is I'm not too pleased with any of them so far.

Can anyone write about dance music? I needed people in Ireland but fuck it, can anyone write a club review without the word "we" in it at any point?

Fucking dance fans eh?

Back by popular demand from the realms of professional clubbing, amateur journalism, and part time crankiness.
I'm back!!!!!

This blog has been restarted as of now, a long break saw me in London doing some brief work experience for THE MAN (Mixmag) and returning to Dublin to take over the reigns at a dance site. I can't remember tags but go to http://www.sortedmagazine.com/BPM.php3

Alas it's been a long time. Sorted is an opportunity which was given to me recently. It may seem as though I am not passionate enough about non dance music to criticise writing about it, however this is not the case. So listen to me when I tell you not to be tempted to read the rest of www.sortedmagazine.com, we're talking forbidden fruit here people.

Since most of my review type work will be going up there the direction of this blog remains uncertain, I'm open to any suggestions or comments from the floor. At the moment I intend to update the songs on the right (though some of them still make that machine in my head say YES!). My next entry is going to talk about Mixmag. I guess in order to do this I'll have to hit some nails on some heads but fuck it.

Tonight I will go to see Mr C DJ. Tomorrow I will go to see Umek. I got a new discman for the purpose of listening to Erick Morillo's Subliminal Sessions 3. What a wicked motherfucker of a mix album it is, economics may have no place in the world of music reviews but lets turn that on its head, THREE CDS!!!!! THREE! I don't care how you look at it, if they're good (and they are) that's more time wasted and less money yeah? Highlights of the Don Morillo's tune selection are Harry Choo Choo Romero's Keep Your Head Up(this guy is becoming my favourite dj/producer) and DJ D presents Hydraulic Dogs-Shake it Baby (Junior Jack remix) Fuck sake, remember when tunes had short names? Man the pills were so much better then, you'd stay out all night, get absolutely fucking swayzeed and cos the names was like....shorter you'd still be able to remember them the next day innit? Yeah I know! Wicked!

Keep it swayzee everybody.

May 26th. Andy Cato is a Tall Man.
People, are more important than I've given them credit for. Tivoli, my nightclub of choice, is never too short of numbers. But last night, we walked in to see Andy "Groove Armada" Cato do his thing at 11.30. The place was absolutely heaving. I don't care that putting my coat in took 40 minutes, or that getting it back took another 30, I don't care that getting to the toilets was more difficult than trying to mix the bongo solo at the beginning of Jon Carter's Everlasting Life into a set.

I don't care about these things because walking straight onto a screaming, dancing, smiling floor of people at 12 O clock is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It reminded me of my first proper nights out clubbing, in the Kitchen or the Red Box perhaps.

And I personally know the support DJ was having the time of his life, playing to possibly his biggest crowd ever. And he was playing his music, Ape Can't Kill Ape by Medicine8 with it's droning vocal sample and explosive chimes, the fantastic Kid Kreme remix of Junior Jack's "Thrill Me" single; it's a tech house thing, with the most defined, purposeful and driving snare you'll ever hear.

So Andy Cato seemed to have brought about 10 records with him, did it even matter? He managed to play Groove Armada's own single "Superstylin'" twice, and of all the gigs I've been to I find it hard to pick a moment in which there was such unity of passion and of purpose as when MC Super bellowed out that line "Rise and amplify it then we come in wit de swing". A ragga vocal crescendo followed by a tidal wave of bass and drums, it's the Groove Armada track for people who hate Groove Armada.

It's all about the people. It's easy to forget this, every week I go to Tivoli and have a fantastic time, but last night just seemed to top it all. Atmosphere is something you forget when in its absence.

And I'm going to London on Wednesday, so this was my last night clubbing in Dublin for sometime. In September, I was 18, and having seen Jon Carter DJ for the first time the week before, my friend Stephen and I decided to go to the Kitchen in Dublin. Thursday night was Philths residency and before I knew what had happened I was going there week in week out, sometimes 2 or 3 times a week.

I remember not knowing any songs at first, but god I wanted to learn. I guess now I'm something of an anorak; the only song we knew then was Superstylin' by Groove Armada, it became a real favourite with both of us, it seemed to be the song that would make me a dance fan.

And so leaving Dublin for the summer, Andy Cato seemed to end a year (a college term) beautifully, all the loose ends tied up and nothing left but to say byebye to Phil and to Tivoli for a few months. Oh come on! Who's betting against me flying back some weekend over the summer?

Noone, I'd imagine.

Old Skool's out for Summer, Thursday May 23rd.
I haven't updated in a long time, ten days or so, to those of you who have been checking every day in vain for more of explosive descriptions of explosive music, ahem, I apologise.

I've been doing non dancing non music related exams. Of course I finished today, so now that my Journalism course is over for the summer I can actually do some writing.

So last Saturday I stuck the Junior Cartier half of the Live 7 mix album into the stereo and prepared to go to an Old Skool night at Tivoli. I hate reading articles about Old Skool, because generally they're like articles about Chill Out or Electro. The articles complaining about them have become more annoying than the music ever ever ever could be. I wish all these fucking hacks would just get on the hate wagon nice and early or just not bother.

I'm not going to write about Saturday. I don't want to.

It's clear to me now that I should update this bad boy on Sunday nights or at least not on days when I've done examinations.

Coming soon..............Fischerspooners album talked about, imagine Daft Punk with more interest in sex, wet pussy and drugs. Currently my favourite track on the frankly quite bizarre #1 album is number 7. It's the one with the lyrics about pussy for want of a more eloquent summary.

I don't know if you've read my review of Futurism on Freaky Trigger, but I feel it's been vindicated a little. I was reading Mixmag and Fischerspooner described their music as "punk rock". I still have some of those elusive million brain cells Mr.Green Velvet was talking about.

Pete Heller's Big Love is one of the most beautiful of any of the great big cheesey Ibiza anthems. It makes me smile every time I hear it.

Anyway I hope that you have enough change, so you can make yo' brain......etc.

Sunday, May 12th, Wake the hell up America.
"House music, can no longer be, commercial free. In other words we better PUT UP, or SHUT UP, let's wake the hell up America".

Sam The Man Burns House Music Commercial Free is the song that kicks off Justin Robertsons Bugged Out mix cd which I got a copy of recently.

I'm not going to talk about Mr Robertson at length here though, I just think you all needed to read those lyrics and imagine a funky squelchy house beat bursting into action with the words "WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA".

Last nights entertainment in Tivoli (I'm always there get used to it) was Mr Joey Negro aka Jakatta. Support was Philth who is THE MAN, he played a song I've known for a long time. It's a beautiful tune by Bass Samba. I don't know what it's called but I will find out, you will download it and be humming the funky flute loop and singing along to the "yeah yeah yeeeeeeah" vocal.

Joey Negro funked up the place majorly, generic but thrashing house music all night long. There appears to be some shameless "electro mix" of Lazy. It can only be described as "the electro mix of lazy". Think the blandest, coldest electro beat possible with the vocals deadpanned over it. I mean ok! It's not bad but the truth is the only good thing about it is the fact that the word "dancin'" from the line "I'm lazy when I'm dancin'" goes round and round in a loop like your washing machine yes yes.

Let's cease all critical musings for about 30 seconds and remember the best part of the evening last night. JOEY NEGRO PLAYED LA MOUCHE.

Just download the fucking record already, before I get really manically cranky and start shouting at people to get it, I mean it is the FUNKIEST, and simultaneously the most grinding, squealing, burning rubber house track you will ever EVER, I mean EVER, hear. Feel the vibe!

The last track Joey Negro played was the original "Lazy", expect a MAJOR MAJOR entry to this site explaining my psychotic love for the tune. It's been 3 months, and I still keep listening to it like a sick Britney fan.

Daft Punk-Da Funk (Live)

The original is a nicely funky track, but I always felt it was closer to rock music than to house. Of course the Live version is straight out of clubland and is recorded in a bassy bowels of hell type way. If you think the build up to the initial disco squeak is something then you'll be climbing up the walls by the time that hypnotic loop comes in. Oh come on! Everyone loves this tune, it's the godlike genius award for the day.

I'm trying so hard to please you people, but it's 10.25 and my head feels like it's been put through that FRENCH HOUSE MACHINE I was talking about.

I love Saturdays, when I'm on the market...........I'm on the market. I love Underworld for randomly useful lyrical confusions aswell.

Some New Songs....Tuesday, May 7, 2002
More on these later you greedy scamps. (LOOK TO THE RIGHT)

Sunday, May 5th:A Damn Good Time!
Redsettaz, Johnny Moy, Billy Scurry, Philth. Tivoli-May 4th

I hate Irish bands. I despise all of them. Every single one. Oh, sure I might hear one I like some fine day but then I also might win the lottery or do a day's work or something. Jesus my life is too short to waste with such ludicrous hypotheticals.

So accuse me of double standards (nyah I don't care, accuse me!) when I say that I love the Dublin DJs. My last two Saturdays were with Billy Nasty and Dave Angel respectively, fantastic nights out. I love techno, it has to be said.

But sometimes a PARTY is a fantastic idea. Last night, on my way into Tivoli, I knew, I just knew that Johnny Moy, and Philth, and The Redsettaz in particular would play a whole host of tunes which I knew and a whole host of fantastic party house tracks. Billy Scurry provided the harder techno edge to the night.

Let me rave about Dublin duo the Redsettaz for a while. The way it works is one of them does the usual DJ bit and mixes a fine selection of house, breaks and techno, and the other one scratches the fuck out of a third deck and creates insane funk noises over whatever's playing at the time. The best part is when you think "what's that record, those noises are amazing" and then realise it's a straight up drum beat with Mr Redsetta 2 playing havoc on the third deck.

So the Redsettaz didn't disappoint;I knew so many songs. There was John Lydon doing his disco diva act in "Open Up" by Leftfield, a bizarre bootleg of X-Press 2's Muzikizum and Get Ur Freak On, and just a few old skool classics that stopped just short of making pretty flowers grow on the dancefloor. Alot of last night was cheese, plain and simple, there was little or nothing too immersive. As much as I hate to sound like the idiot who talks about a night of "good clean" fucking "fun" or something, I'm afraid FOR ONE DAY ONLY I will be that idiot.

I don't want this every week, I don't want to know every song all the time, but once every few months it's fantastic. Almost as if you hooked the Tivoli's fucking Doomsday sound system up to your stereo at home, and took requests from your friends.

10 minutes of my best friend hassling one of the Redsettaz even got him to play a certain La Mouche remix. If you haven't downloaded this yet then do it. I PROMISE YOU. NO. I GUARANTEE. It is absolute chaos and I love it.

And so I'm happy after a good night out, contemplating whether or not to go to see David Holmes do his acid house thing in Tivoli. RESIST THE TEMPTATION........RESIST! Oh dear, see you there.

May 4th:Jim White and some guys from IRAN.
An album! Deep Dish Junk Science(1998)

A song(It's country!)Jim White Christmas Day

Oh the misfortune! If at any point in your life you've ever been fool enough to do a course in "Journalism" you might understand the pain of yesterday (Friday).

NB! This is not self deprecation! I hate college!

Yesterday I came into college with 3000 words to write about 30000 other words. As bad as that was, in some fit of foolishness I only took 2 CDs with me.

But WHAT A 2 CDS! Ahem. The Deep Dish-Junk Science album has been burrowing into my consciousness subtly for about 3 months now. And I think it's time I took a step back, and acknowledged to myself as well as all of you, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

It all begins with what can only be described as guitar noodling. But it's a beautiful two minutes before the drums of "The Future of the Future" kick in. I listened to that track on my way out for a drink on Wednesday night, in fact I should have had it on in the bathroom. To me it's 9 minutes of anticipation, of getting ready to go out, and knowing that TONIGHT, YES TONIGHT! is going to be the best night so far, it's going to beat all the others.

It always does you know. Of course it takes me far longer than 9 minutes to get ready to go out, but I don't want to write about prog rock live albums.

As far as depressing dance music goes, I'm something of an ignorant bastard, whereas I know ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ELSE OK? "Stranded" seems like a good place to begin. It starts off like the Velvet Underground before spiralling off like Dorothy's house in the Wizard of Oz(at least that's how it seems in MY head) and becoming a beautiful understated house track which wouldn't sound hugely out of place on Leftism.

If I were a lazier critic I'd say that this album could have done for Iran and the Middle East what Leftism did for Africa. But let's face it, Leftism obviously did fucking nothing for Africa.

And now a Country Interlude.

Christmas Day is a song by Jim White. It's on his No Such Place album. It's the chorus that I really love in this song. It seems as if it was written on the road, a half warbled shanty, with guitars, banjos, and all the backing instruments nailed together, but ready to break at any minute.

If Ryan Adams really is the new age Gram Parsons then Jim White can be nu-Merle Haggard. Adams can be the tortured soul but pretty face, touring the world, while it seems Jim White's still repairing the damn truck and drinking Jim Beam in scrapyards. But you know I wouldn't want it any other way.

NB-I will continue talking up the ten songs located ON THE RIGHT OF YOUR SCREEN.

Welcome! Tuesday April 30th 2002!
Welcome to my new weblog!

Let's start with the REALLY important information about me. I'm currently listening to Cassius-La Mouche (DJ Falcon Remix) on repeat. It keeps on going, on and on and on, relentless churning of that magical French house MACHINE! YES MACHINE! Memories of Darren Emerson mixing it in and out over and over all night long when I saw him come flooding back.

I've just recently come to the end of a 3 month obsession with "Lazy" by X-Press 2(My obsession with the remix is just beginning, so you're not safe yet, oh no).

I'm learning to love techno. Dave Angel and Billy Nasty right now. Busy busy music, layers and layers of sound, it's like the apocalypse I've been waiting for for god knows how long. I've always loved house. I'm forgetting about country music but I'll remember it again sometime.

I got into the Avalanches a year late and now I think "Live at Dominoes" is one of the finest tracks I own. It IS the summer sound. I have no doubt about that. How contentious eh?

WHAT THE HELL IS A ROCK AND ROLL? Someday I'll learn, aside from my indie phase 13-17, and the Spiritualized and Stooges albums I pull out now and again, I'm a rock ignoramus. This will change someday.

Oh and to fill you in on insignificant details, my name is Ronan (yes like THAT Ronan) and I'm from Dublin, in Ireland. This, I feel is justification for my extreme hatred of U2. I like to think of myself as open to all musical styles, whether that's the case or not judge for yourself. Dublin is the city where clubs close at 3, this stresses me. But it's home.

I hope to make this as up-to-date an account of the music I'm dancing to and you're downloading (hopefully) as possible.

Shall I get going? 5 songs that currently are important, I'm not sure where I should start this damn blog, so I'll take my chances.

Some songs and why they matter.

TRACK 1. X-Press 2-"Lazy"-Fatboy Slim Remix

The bleeps at the beginning of this track are the sound of your brain preparing to be rearranged, and of your body preparing to dance.

If you're ever drinking quietly, the calm before the storm in your favourite club, this is the soundtrack to that. It's the stealthy bassy pulse at the beginning that does it, sinks deeper and deeper into your consciousness like some kind of sonic submarine.

It's along the same lines as Positive Education by Slam, were the latter several years older. Of course it's cheesey. But I expect, demand cheese from Norman Cook. Consistent as ever, this is a radically different song to the original "Lazy" and needs to be heard.

PS)I'm doing my best.

TRACK 2 The Compass by Dave Clarke.

I liked X-Press 2 "Lazy" because......

I too am a lazy unimaginative bastard. That explains why this site was named after a track by Dave Clarke, famous and OLD ENOUGH TO BE MY DADDY techno DJ.

Dave Clarke is an odd odd man. I'm not talking about his hawaiian shirts. Lots of my friends like Dave Clarke's World Service Album. In fact lots of people my age (I'm 19) love Dave Clarke. The thing is, World Service is a quite jacking mix. Sure there might be the odd electro moment, but for the most part you can expect nosebleed techno.

So why then when Clarke makes his own tunes, are they so goddamned funky? Isn't there a massive conflict between the music Clarke makes, and the sets he plays? (check his La La Land remix also, Green Velvet's track clubbed up and made more groovey).

The Compass is the essential tech-house track to me, it's driving enough to play towards the end of a set, but at the same time it's got this massive industrial strength groove behind it. It's got that in your face snarl of techno, and yet you could probably do the routine from "Thriller" along to it, er........if you really wanted.

The drumbeat intro is disco, and then you've got this grinding string loop that hits, it's all almost housey enough for sweeping disco moves, but at the same time it's got the unmistakable train wreck pulse of techno. I'm not comfortable defining tech-house, perhaps it shows, so if you don't already have a better understanding of it than me then YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS TRACK.

Clubbing with "The Compass"-Dave Angel-Tivoli-27/04/02 I think it makes a favourite song all the better when it takes you that extra few seconds on the dancefloor to realise what it is. Of course I take a sad anorak pleasure in spotting it way before it's fully mixed in.

But here all my mind could do was flash a neon sign that read "YOU KNOW THIS SONG FOOL". And of course I did. 2.55 in the morning, the end of a night that I'd deserved. I bloody earned it through hard work all week for a change. And the climax of the evening "Northside Groove, Southside Groove, Eastside Groove, Westside Groove". The simple vocal sample crunching together with the strings into a crescendo.

3 More current songs to go........

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